Royl Field

The second highest hill on mainland Shetland. Beautiful views over Clift Sound and South Havra. There is a world war 2 crash site on the western side of the hill. Wreckage still remains and there is a memorial.

OS Map: Shetland Mainland South (OS EXPLORER 466)

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Parking is possible at the old road just south of the southernmost Sandwick junction or down the track near the Cunninsburgh hall

Dog Walkers:

  • There are usually sheep
  • Fences without stiles

Mostly heathery land

Possible Routes:
Starting from the track just south of the Cunninsburgh hall walk towards the coast following the Burn of the Boitan(Park at the hall if you don't want to drive down the track). Then head south to the memorial and then up to the top of Royl Field. A more direct route back can be taken.
If parking on the Sandwick side follow the peat track and there are wooden posts to mark the route.

View towards South Havrainfo symbol
View towards South Havra
View south towards Fitful headinfo symbol
View south towards Fitful head
View south towards Fitful Headinfo symbol
View south towards Fitful Head
Clift Soundinfo symbol
Clift Sound
Clift Soundinfo symbol
Clift Sound