A walk along the coastline opposite St Ninian's Isle. Great section of coastline and there's a fantastic beach at Maywick if you go that far.

OS Map: Shetland Mainland South (OS EXPLORER 466)

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Parking is possible at the cemetry

Dog Walkers:

  • There are usually sheep
  • Steep Cliffs
  • Fences with stiles

Flat and grassy

Possible Routes:
Follow the coastline to Maywick and back, or there is a track you can walk back along which joins onto the road.

View towards St Ninian's beachinfo symbol
View towards St Ninian's beach
View of Loose Head, St Ninian's Isleinfo symbol
View of Loose Head, St Ninian's Isle
Griskerryinfo symbol
Coastal Viewinfo symbol
Coastal View
Natural arch near Maywickinfo symbol
Natural arch near Maywick
View north towards South Havrainfo symbol
View north towards South Havra