Northern Isles Journal

Spectacular Van Camping Spots

July 03, 2019

Shetland is a great place to have the freedom of travelling in a campervan. There are many beautiful spots to park overnight. Here's a few suggestions.

Norwick Beach, Unst

Norwick Beach

The car park for Norwick beach is fantastic spot to park for the night. There is limited space but it generally can be quite quiet.

West Sandwick, Yell

West Sandwick Beach

Reasonably sized car park next to undoubtedly one of the most stunning beaches in Shetland.

Eshaness Lighthouse, Northmavine

Eshaness Lighthouse

This spot can be very windy and exposed but it provides an unbelievably dramatic backdrop and a great area to explore.

Sand Beach, Westside

Sand Beach

Large car park next to the Sand beach. Excellent coastal area to explore.

Melby Pier, Sandness


Parking next to the toilets at Melby pier in the village of Sandness. There's a great walk from here to the Huxter mills, which can be continued to Deepdale.

Dale of Walls, Westside

Dale of Walls

If you go down the track at the Dale of Walls towards the beach there is space by the beach to park. It's out of the way and the walk along the coast from Dale of Walls is outstanding. Either south towards Watsness or north to Deepdale.

St Ninian's Beach, Bigton

St Ninian's Beach

St Ninian's beach car park is very large and provides stunning views across the tombolo towards St Ninian's Isle.

Sumburgh Head Lighthouse, Sumburgh

Sumburgh Head

The car park at the bottom of Sumburgh Head provides a magnificent setting for parking overnight. It can be busy here through the day in the summer months.

Remember to be respectful of the area, don't leave any litter and try to park with consideration. Don't block any access.