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Great Wild Camping Spots

August 27, 2019

Want to find a stunning location to camp in Shetland? Here's a few suggestions of great wild camping spots in the isles.

Steens of Stofast, Lunnasting

Steens of Stofast

Steens of Stofast

This setting is just a short walk from the road in Lunna. As you approach the end of the road, there are wooden signs pointing into the field which lead to the steens. There are areas at the side of the road where parking is possible.

The Steens of Stofast are large boulders deposited by glaciers which stand out in the landscape. There are several lochans around and the area is very close to the sea.

Roer Water, Northmavine

Tents at Roer Water

Lang Clodie Wick Cliffs

The southern shore of Roer water makes for a great camping spot. The walk from half way up Collafirth hill takes about an hour along the track but once off the track, this area feels like a great remote wilderness. Besides from Roer water, the area is scattered with small lochans which would make great camping spots and many of these waters can be fished for trout. It's worth walking to the coast at Lang Clodie Wick for some dramatic coastal scenery.

Lang Ayre, Northmavine

Lang Ayre Beach Another great spot with a very remote feel is on the Western side of Ronas Hill, above Lang Ayre. You have to walk over Ronas hill to get there but the beach, whioch stretches nearly a mile, is a fantastic place to visit.

The Hams, Muckle Roe

North Ham, Muckle Roe One of Shetland's most stunning coastal areas - Numerous small bays, high cliffs, dramatic rock formations and a small loch. There are plenty of great spots to pitch here. Further inland there are also many lochs that would make great places to camp.

Please remember to be respectful to the area, don't leave litter.

These are just a few ideas, please feel free to suggest some more in the comments section.